Rebranding #UglyProduce

2 thoughts on “Rebranding #UglyProduce”

  1. I think our food waste problem is one that is undermined in the public opinion and not mentioned enough in the news today. I agree that something like the social media campaigns need to be done, and that people are in general ignorant of where their food is coming from, and where it goes. The notion that ugly food is completely weeded out because of the consumer demand for pretty food is kind of absurd when we think about the hundreds of thousands that starve every day, who would not care wether their banana was a pantone color yellow or not. This new campaign and food service offers great insight into what we can be doing to reduce waste, and to break the stigma of the need for unnecessary pesticides to create the perfect banana for store shelves and consumers. What the public needs is a wake up call, to realize that we do not need unnatural pesticides added to fruit, something so natural to this Earth; do we really need to continue to add more chemicals to the things we consider to be healthy? I really enjoyed your article and hope to see some imperfect and pesticide free fruits on store shelves due to these social media campaigns.


  2. Refocusing America’s diet on organic produce is an excellent idea. It seems as if it is always the minorities that are activist for healthy food, instead it should indeed be the majority stressing the importance of healthy foods in a diet. The positive implications of healthy eating go so far beyond the health of the individuals which make the decision to eat the food. The environment prospers, capitalistic companies making unhealthy food begin to break down. It seems that the campaign for organic produce is so simple and unidimensional in the change that it will bring, however, the reality is that there are a number of changes that will occur. The farmer which uses traditional and sustainable methods to make produce is better for the Earth. The industrial style of farming uses pesticides and machinery which is slowly killing the Earth. Moreover, it is institutionalizing an America that does not appreciate or care about the quaint things in life. Whatever happened to the calmness of eating fruits from a local garden, making pies out of fruits that you or a local farmer grew? This endangered style of living is what distinguishes America from other countries that appreciate and work for a good, wholesome meal.


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