Complex Ways To Abstain From Donuts (and other Ecologically Guilty Pleasures)– Part 1

2 thoughts on “Complex Ways To Abstain From Donuts (and other Ecologically Guilty Pleasures)– Part 1”

  1. I love how you apply reflective judgement to looking at food and diet information. As I said in my post, I do not think that you should trust everything you read, but I certainly don’t mean that you should stop reading the information all together (just take it with a grain of salt).


  2. In relation to your Palm Oil statements, i agree that people need to be way more informed and aware of the ingredients in there food, especially related to this topic. Palm Oil is essentially wiping out the Ape population, and the rainforests are suffering because of this. Yes, we have to be able to accommodate the world’s growing population, but the destruction of our planet’s most precious and vital ecosystems, of which we will most likely have 0% chance of regrowing in our lifetimes, is simply not the answer. Palm Oil is not a sustainable way of feeding people, especially the fact that it makes up the base of some of our most unhealthy foods, is a sign that we as healthy and informed consumers need to petition this by asking if there is palm oil in our foods, and looking for it in ingredients in grocery stores and not supporting these brands any further. If we boycott the palm oil in foods, it will keep these products on the shelves, and force manufacturers into seeking eco friendly and sustainable alternatives. It is atrocious and shocking to me that the Palm Oil Industry is alive and well today, because everyone in the first world should be aware that we only have so much of the rainforest, and especially even less of the ape population. These animals are our closest ancestors, and to think it feasible and okay to kill animals that we share this planet with is a disgusting, elitist, and ignorant state of mind.


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